Saturday, January 2, 2010

gt many things wanna say..
but dono wanna start from wer??
mix feelings rite now..
felt like crying..
felt like dying..
felt like missing my ownself..
i felt lonely..
i`m moody..
i`m down..
i cant get used to it..
is too sudden..
i own you..
but in a sudden..
i lost u..
i cherish every moment we had together..
i wanna thanks u for those sweet memories..
i wanna thanks u for ur every 1st time..

Monday, December 7, 2009

I Wanna Go Home With You!!!

Another day..
Without your smile..
Another day..
Just passed by..
But now i know..
How much it means..
For you to stay..
Right here with me..
The time we spend apart will make our love go stronger..
But it hurt so bad that i can`t take it any longer..
I wanna go home with you..
I wanna die lying in your arms..
I wanna go home with you..
I wanna be looking in your eyes..
I wanna be there for you..
Sharing in everything you do..
I wanna go home with you..
A thousand miles..
Between us now..
I really wanna be with you...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

This Is How It Begins

i wanna i wanna i wanna tell u..
i reli like u..
reli love u..
n hope we can b couple..
at 1st i jus treat u as close frenz..
but at camp..
i keep tease u NOOB..
keep play v u..
then i dono u gt feel towards me or not..
but i reli slowly n slowly got feel towards u..
then when u cry tat time..
i try to comfort u..
n giv u wipe tears v my shirt..
i think tis maybe is a v normal de things..
but for ME..
can do anything for u is worth it..
then i wanna hug u n wipe ur tears v my hand..
but i not dare too do it..(arh... now so regret) n scare u mind..
but now i reli v regret..
n tis few days..
i sms u n call u..
n jus now i go view ur blog..
i know more bout u..
n reli wana b v u..
whenever u fell sad or happy..
i wanna b by ur side..
when u feel angry..
i can b ur `chu qi tong`(paiseh.. dono in english)
although we were far apart..
but i reli hope we can b together..
tat`s wat my feeling..
but i still gt many things more..
i hope u won feel annoy towards me..
i jus don wanna left out tis chance..
cos we jus come back from camp..
there still a feel there..
although i still gt many things tat i dono..
but i hav a curious heart tat wanna know more..
although we never been thru thick n thin..
but i`m willing to go thru v u..
my mind still gt many thing wanna say..
but out of sudden..
my mind blanks n dono wanna write wat..

Saturday, December 5, 2009



Camp Pelangi
has over for 9days...
So many memories..
Last year too..
So miss those memories..
I won`t forget it for the rest of my life..
Hey.. You all know that i very miss you all??
When wanna come Muar visit me?? haha..
But i`m planning a trip to Mentakab..
You all welcome me not?? haha..

Pelangi o8&o9 Rockzzz..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

bored bored bored..

haiz.. tis year de hols so bored..
everyday keep doin de same thing..
tat`s wat we call life??

Sunday, November 29, 2009

hey hey.. newbie here..

halox all.. jus checking around here...
i`m jason..
tis year 16..
from Muar,Johor..
love sports n music..
erm.. dono wanna intro wat adi.. haha..
buh bye...